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Quarantined Update - 06/05/2019

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Mod Updates:

  • Night Vision Goggles now in the server! Press "N" to activate them when wearing them.
  • Leather Items can now be crafted (Any Animal Pelt + Garden Lime.)
  • Leather Items can be made into their respective black versions by using nails on them.
  • Petrol Lighter can now be found and used in game! Current use is to light Fireplaces
  • Night Vision Scopes are now in the game (Although they may be removed in the near future due to Goggles working on all sights)
  • Cooking pots now hold more items (Increased to 4x4 from 3x4)
  • Mess Tins now hold items within them but don't hold water
  • Wallets can now be found through out Chernarus (They're considered a container but can only hold 1x4 items.)
  • Eggs are now able to be found (Going to be making it into a craftable item using chickens soon) 
  • Vodka can once again be found, and it doesn't make you puke! YAY!
  • Cooking Tripods size has been reduced to 1x5
  • Cow steaks are now only 1x2 in size.
  • No more Night Time grain - it has now been removed. None of us like the grain from it.


Video of crafting and how it all works:




Server Updates:

  • Airdrops will now always spawn with 15 items and have no infected around them.
  • Helicopter and UAZ Wrecks will now be dynamic and will appear around the map! These contain special gear within them.
  • Magazines with high capacity (Coupled Mags and Drum Mags) will now only have a RNG chance to spawn in the following areas. (Custom Events UAZ, Heli's, Planes. - Airdrops - Spawn on weapons RARE)
  • Night vision scopes spawn around their represented areas. (Military Night Vision scopes will only spawn within Events and Airdrops)
  • Infected spawn numbers have been increased slightly.
  • Food has been increased within building spawns slightly.
  • Food has been nerfed from infected slightly.


Known Issues:

  • Night Vision scopes are currently buggy. These are going to be fixed.
  • Wolves spawn solo and aren't working as well as they could
  • Quarantined's custom backpacks are currently bugged, the straps appear awkwardly.


Please report any issue you find with the mod to @Pein on discord.

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2 minutes ago, dannis said:

glad to hear that ur still working on stuff like this

Yup, until the funding runs out or people just stop playing and population reaches zero I will continue to work on the server. Then after it ends I will release all of it to the public as a "roleplay server pack" of some kind.

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