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  • About Premium Ranks

    Premium ranks are an extra layer to the forums experience that we offer within QuarantinedRP, these ranks are consistently being worked on to offer members of the community a better experience. You don't require a rank to access the forums nor access our whitelisted server, these are simply an added layer in order for you to support the community!


    Terms and Conditions

    Premium ranks do NOT give you in-game items, ranks are purchased as shown and all perks are automatically granted to your account, these items can be removed, modified and are NOT refundable. These donations are not to taken by the staff team and are placed into a pot in order to pay for community fees these being the DayZ Whitelisted Server, Forums (Hosting) and the Teamspeak. 

    These goods are non-physical and are simply a virtual rank in order for you to support the community, these are optional and you're not required to pay anything to play within the community. 

    While we attempt to keep our donors happy we will not value your opinion over other players without ranks, our goal is to create a stable and equal community. Ranks can and will be changed in the future, this means that ranks may lose perks or gain more depending on the future of the donation system.

    If you do NOT accept these terms and conditions please do NOT purchase a rank from our forums.

    • Support
    • $15
    • Features
    • Access to donor forums
    • Profile Background (Static)
    • Give 5 more reputation a day (15 total)
    • Purchase
    • Contributor
    • $25
    • Features
    • Access to all Support features
    • Give 5 more reputation a day (20 total)
    • Forum post background (Static colour)
    • Extra account memory (2GB Total)
    • Access to test features on the site (These would be heavily WIP)
    • Purchase
    • Legend
    • $45
    • Features
    • Access to all Contributor features
    • Give 5 more reputation a day (25 total)
    • Animated Profile Picture
    • Animated Profile Background
    • Profile Music (Memory limited)
    • Create a private temporary channel in teamspeak
    • More account memory (4GB Total)
    • Purchase
    • Notorious
    • $55
    • Features
    • Access to all Legend features
    • Give 5 more reputation a day (30 total)
    • Animated Name
    • Image as forum post background
    • More account memory (6GB)
    • Purchase