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  1. What should I include for the next Mod update? - Gimme some cool little craftable item suggestions.


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    2. Pein


      Bow is kinda... well its just fucked on mechanics atm.


      Wire traps are kinda in the game but dont function at the moment and i dont see where they would be of use currently


      Can make Cassettes but they wouldnt be playable. (What I can do is make a cassette combine with a radio and it plays a pre recorded message. Which could be some cool little lore feature in the future)


      Bombs/IEDs can be made quiet easily. Might make them a base raid item only.


      Posters and Signs would have to be photoshops and imported into the files before hand and it becomes almost like retexturing gear so i most likely wouldnt allow it unless the area was a upcoming hub.


      Drugs are in the game but i am looking into other drugs


      Everything else I dont really know how to do yet.


    3. outlander


      bomb ingredients/IED's: working radio, road flare, nails and garden fertilizer, you could throw in electronic repair kit.... more just to make it a little harder to put the whole thing together and  all bundled up in a taloon backpack. I worked it out for the police group that were in vybor but then they benched so never put it to the admins as a proper suggestion althrough i had discussed it with a couple of them.🙂 


      IF the code is still in the game for the old flash bangs or (night vision during the day)  could be used to simulate taking drugs.. 'a white out'...that could last a certain amount of time. was thinking it could also be used to simulate a night on the booze like a hangover which lasts the next time you log in for x amount of time  


    4. Dvlinhb


      Traps & Defense Pieces:

      - Shotgun Trap
      - Door IED

      - Spike Trap (like a punji trap)

      - Operable Hatches In Doors/Walls

      - Mounted Guns (lmgs/ARs)

      - Car Bombs (Tiocfaidh ár lá!)

      - Poison (Could be applied to weapons or traps that would require an antidote)

      - Tripwire Bomb/Alarm (rattling cans/bottles)


      Custom Painting On:

      - Car Parts/Cars

      - Guns/Mags/Attachments

      - Backpacks

      - Helmets

      - Vests

      - Boots

      - Buildables

      - Cases/Barrels

      - Facepainting (Could be a craft-able mask)


      - FLARE GUN

      - Spike or Barbed-Wire Clothes/Armor (Could cause auto knock-back or bleed of hit w/ melee)

      - Craftable Tools

      - Disability For Characters (Building on the blindness concept, maybe an item that doesn't allow certain items to be used to emulate deafness, muteness, cut off limbs, etc. No clue if this is possible though.)

      - More cooking recipes/longer cooking times