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  1. What should I include for the next Mod update? - Gimme some cool little craftable item suggestions.


    1. Vrtra


      Most of my suggestions may be out of SA capabilities... Sorry :<

          -Those old trip wire traps that were in the game before. 
          -Customizable Posters/Signs to place anywhere.
          -Tapes that you can record messages on/notes that work/Journals.
          -Pumpkin carvings... (which they didn't remove that from the game)
          -Cool little building decoration ideas - I.E: Hang a dead zombie around your base to add a flavor... or maybe hang shoes on a power line 😛
          -Leather Masks with different styles (not sure how to tell which mask would be made)
          -Paint to color certain equipment.
          -Electronic equipment (I imagine basic wiring. Not sure how to expand on this yet)

      ...I'll continue thinkin


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