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  1. RIP server I guess. I'll still be lurking around to see if anything changes, but I'm moving to Life is Feudal.


    Later guys. I had some fun times back in 0.62. 0.63 had it's moments, but the game is pretty bad now.


    I'll be in the discord n stuff.

  2. Title essentially. Why don’t you play? What would get you to want to play? What do you think could improve the server?
  3. *watches a lone tumbleweed drift across the server*

  4. How about retexturing the assault helmet and visor into an Altyn helmet and visor.
  5. Going back to the last of us theme with a new song. Thoughts?

  6. Story is still nowhere NEAR done, however I have added a few more bits that I wrote: Prologue, Epilogue, Chapter 7 completed, Chapter 8 in process.
  7. Just saying, this group would be good as an ally for Lovec if I ever saw you guys in game.
  8. Minor relations update
  9. F

    For the Lore team

    1. Dvlinhb


      Related image


      Nothing stays buried forever...

  10. Cleaned up Relations: Removed redundant characters and moved some to dead.
  11. This man, he controls the eggs.

    Compared to him?

    You are crkegg.thumb.jpg.d09eae9901eae01113350cfdfe6e459a.jpg

    1. Exio



    2. Graipyy


      Writes epic saga....hasnt been seen on server in months. Ur a cock tease egg headed thunder cunt

  12. Also relations updated for @Diomondium and @Graipyy
  13. New backstory section added: Black Ink

    You lot have to read this. I've been reading it over time as it was developed. Absolutely fantastic.