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  1. I 100% agree with bone man regarding the current state of z's in the game and the food and ammo content some of the other comments i totally disagree with but im not gonna turn this into a flame thread cause its bringing up some valuable points that it might be possible to tweak the server setting to make items less likely to spawn although not really sure can do much about z's without causing too many issues with performance... and besides it takes all types of rp to make a community... yes even the campside rp
  2. we kinda discussed this one night on Peins stream.... current graphics+ mods but game play back to version .58 / .59 (when most things worked and didnt kill you)
  3. do ya think we could convince Pein to texture a Fez............ ya just know everyone would want one.....
  4. i imagine your too young to remember this guy.... but ask your parents about Tommy Cooper..... One of my personal favorite comedians... gone before his time r.i.p
  5. awesome piece of writing and I love the way shes telling it as a story to another person. Cant wait till Chirstina's back making tea and telling fortunes
  6. HUGE massive thanks to @SofiaL for the awesome job she's done on this character page......
  7. Name: Thomas 'Slab' Murphy II Alias: Connor Conway Age:38 Nationality: Irish Convictions: Buying Illegal arms (5 years) Illegally entering the Country (3 years) Possession of conterfeit documents (3 years) Previous Convictions: Membership of terrorist organisation(5 years) Possession of illegal firearms (3 years) 5 counts of Murder (20 years – Early release, 2000) Tattoos: Background: Thomas joined the IRA at the age of just sixteen and rose steadily in the ranks throughout his service, eventually becoming a quarter master of the South Armagh brigade. As nephew of the Famous IRA commander of the same name, Thomas II made his name by following and even surpassing his uncle's reputation for sheer brutality throughout his long and bloody career. In 1997, shortly after he joined his uncle in the IRA, Thomas was convicted of the murder of 4 British soldiers and an off duty RUC policeman in South Armagh, and sentenced to twenty-eight years in the Maze prison. Merely three years into his sentence Thomas was released as part of the Good Friday agreement. There was plenty of backlash after his release as the public were still angry and wanted him to serve his full sentence -- three years was not nearly enough for them. By the time he was released he would have been a middle-aged man, but now he had the rest of his life ahead of him, which was more than what his victims' families could say for them. Still, at the end of the day Thomas was allowed to go home a free man and most everyone would eventually forget the man who got away with murder. Two years ago Thomas was caught on CCTV camera leaving Belfast International Airport. He was heading for Chenarus and, as Thomas had built a reputation for himself as a dangerous and crafty individual, it was suspected he was aiming to secure arms and munitions from the Chedaki forces. An immediate international warrant was issued for his arrest and days later at a remote airfield in Chernarus, Thomas was detained while boarding a private plane which was bound for Belfast and loaded with illegal weapons. He was jailed and brought to trial by the Chernarussian government. The courts found him guilty, but despite repeated demands from the British government he was not extradited but imprisoned on a remote island of the coast of Chernarus. For months the British Government fought with Chernarussian officials, demanding that Thomas be released to them, but Chernarus would not relent. The former soon realized that hostilities over one prisoner, who was finally facing a punishment the people in his home country wanted, weren't worth it. Chernarus got to keep Thomas locked in prison, and the people at home were allowed to finally feel as though justice had been served. When the Pale Horse Plague struck the prison, it struck hard. So many people in a confined space spelled trouble, and prisoner quarantine procedures were followed, for all the good that did. It was when the infected inmates and even the guards started attacking each other and those not infected that a panic set in. Thomas took advantage of the chaos and was finally free after a full-scale evacuation, but he would find that the world outside was just as terrible, if not worse than life behind bars. Survivors Radio colleen- Heard a young colleen on the radio this morning... its so good to finally hear another voice... sounds like shes from Dub which is so surreal that the first person i hear is from the Eire, i really wanted to talk to her but i need more infor before i do. I cant imagine someone who sounds so young is on her own... not in this place. whats she doing so far from home?. I whistled a few songs for her which she seemed to enjoy. *update*Well at least i know colleen is traveling with what sounded like two yanks, i imagine thats how she has been able to survive so long. *update* so i heard one of the yarks 'colleen' was traveling with on the radio.... his names Crow. No sign of the little colleen for several days now but this guy Crow seems to be on all the time..... maybe they take it in turns. I tracked him yesterday to Stary but he was alone... i watched for a bit and watched two people approach him, I thought it was the little colleen and the other yank i had heard on the radio but it wasnt..... I hope 'colleen' is ok ... Crow- One of the two people i heard talking with the little colleen on the radio the other day. Tracked him down to Stary but now he seems to be traveling alone. He has substantial burning across the top of his torso which he occasionally dresses, but still seems to be causing him some discomfort. SO having spoken to Crow he reckons 'colleen' left of her own accord, course i dont believe him, i think he ditched her to get with the other woman i saw him talking to in Stary.... time or pain will tell.....
  8. outlander

    character page

    K ....anyone of you fabbly talented people out there want to help and old guy out with his character page? got all the ideas already written just need someone with a bit of an artistic flair to bring it to life
  9. Honestly there are too many to mention so im just gonna leave it at (my family) the Kravens (duckie,rabbit and hippo) & Helenna , and the Inquisition (you all know who you are). It was a very fitting end to Padraig and i greatly enjoyed playing him since 0.62 And thanks to everyone who watch the stream and messaged me after to say how much they enjoyed it .....finally 'gramps' can R.I.P... o7
  10. the priests robes that the zombie priests have..... or a leather long coat like they wear in the westerns
  11. @JkpFrog for an awesome conversation this morning. I wish i had it recorded but wasnt expecting it when i logged on as normally everyone has logged off for the night.
  12. I agree with the points above. I think the issue with the quantity MIGHT be due to server reboots....not the set timed resets but the volume of reboots the server seems to be going through when the airdrop is in progress. I think the zombies are being reset to the area spawn hence they seem to be stuck in the same field all the time. On a slightly different note would like to see if its possible to increase wildlife spawns some what..... sheep, goats and pigs and wolves.