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  4. "May” “Raven” Born 6/21/1993 Hair: Red Eyes: Hazel Height: 5'7 Education - John Hopkins University Baltimore, MD Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience Associated with Clinical and Investigative Psychology Basic medical care Limited/general familiarity with Forensics Myra was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, one of the more violent cities in the country. Her parents are Martha and Leland Hawke, who both had served in the Baltimore Police Department, and she had one sibling, an older sister named Elaine. Growing up it was common to hear about assaults and the occasional shootout on the news, and sometimes it was close enough to hear or see for herself. It soon became old news, but was still frightening, even if Myra didn't see the use in being afraid. Fear was natural, nothing she did could stop it. Elaine, her big sister, was cruel to her younger sister. As the older sibling she felt slighted by her parents, feeling as though Myra was favored and treated like a baby. This was only a half truth. Elaine was ten years older than Myra, and their parents always treated them as their respective ages. From Myra's perspective, it was Elaine that was the favorite. Elaine was allowed to do many more things than Myra, and their parents were always encouraging her to act and behave like her big sister, the genius, the beauty queen, and the perfect daughter. This caused tension between the sisters and they fought often. One weekend when Myra was six years old, Elaine was left in charge as their parents would be absent the entire time for a funeral a few states away. After an argument over whose turn it was to take out the trash the first night they were gone, Elaine managed to lock her younger sister outside at night in the dark. Myra pounded on the door and yelled to be let in for about an hour before letting up and deciding to sleep outside. Elaine eventually went to bed, and as she slept and Myra tried to sleep, a heavy storm rolled in. Myra was already uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in the yard when their house bordered the woods. She had imagined she had seen the moving shadows of the coyotes moving around in the trees. Myra became even more afraid when the thunder and lightning started. It was loud enough that she could feel the house shake as she huddled up beside it, and the sound so deafening she had to cover her ears. The lightning illuminated spots in the trees just enough that she thought her imagining the predators in the woods was confirmed and she screamed and cried, begging for Elaine to be let in, but Myra's sister was an incredibly heavy sleeper. A tree at the very edge of their yard was struck, and a large branch fell from it. The storm had traumatized her. The rain was cold and she nearly froze in the early hours of the morning before her sister finally woke up and let her back in the house. From then on, Myra always felt anxious when it rained, but was terrified of thunderstorms. Most children with this fear outgrow it, but Myra's stuck. She hadn't told anyone what her sister had done, and was always afraid that she'd do it again for revenge if she tattled.. The reaction fascinated her, however. Despite how she felt about it, empathy and fear were still things she experienced and was familiar with like any normal child, but understanding these emotions was a different story. She took an interest in psychology when she got older, particularly that of criminals, and enrolled in the AP Psychology classes her high school offered for college credit. She also took the available Forensic science class, and bought books on Psychology and Criminal Psychology to read in her free time. Anything which interested her, she tried to get into. Myra was a good student. She behaved well and played by all of the rules, as well as did her very best in all of her classes. Most students did not mind this at all. It was Myra's inability or unwillingness to relate to other students her age which set them off from her. She preferred to spend her time talking with adults about her academics, which made her seem like a know-it-all. Myra lacked the social intuition to realize the adults were humoring her, and that most of her peers found her awkward and uncomfortable to talk to. Of course, she wasn't lonely. Myra had her small group of friends and lead as happy a life as someone like her could manage until graduation. After high school Myra attended John Hopkins University in her hometown, where she studied and earned her Bachelor's degree in the Neuroscience field. In University it was much easier to make friends, and she made many. One of her friends happened to be an older man recruiting for the Central Intelligence Agency. They were apparently always looking for new hires to serve their country, particularly those with a good college education. Myra applied and for the next few years, Myra was able to work as the assistant to a man called Doctor James Liang. She wasn't allowed to speak of what they did outside of work, but Myra was allowed to learn a lot from him, as well as keep going to school to earn her Doctorate. Unfortunately, their work came to a pause when the infection hit, and Doctor James was counted among the numbers of the dead. The safe zones have kept people as safe as possible during a crisis such as the infection, but what remained of the US government still struggled to keep things running smoothly. The zones were also crowded, and supplies were meager. It was tough, but people could manage. Despite that society as everyone knew it was struggling, Myra's main objective remained to serve her country, whatever that means and wherever it took her. Though she hadn't yet earned her Doctorate in their field, she took on the title and the responsibilities that would have fallen to Doctor Liang. Inferiority complex Even though Myra has done well in her academics and has been relatively successful, she always has suffered with low self esteem. Her parents had high expectations of her, and every time she failed to meet these expectations she beat herself up. From Myra's point of view, her sister Elaine seemed to be able to do everything effortlessly. She didn't need to work half as hard as Myra to seem twice as smart. Elaine was charismatic and beautiful, and had many friends and better luck with men. Myra is always self-doubting, and most of the confidence she has in herself is only to do with her work. Astraphobia Myra is deathly afraid of thunder and lightning, despite the fact that she is able to steel herself against most everything else. She becomes slightly anxious when it rains, but isn't necessarily ombrophobic. Likes Dislikes Journal Loved, Close, Friendly, Neutral, Disliked, Hated, Missing, Dead "The enemy of my enemy..." "Nobody is completely innocent." "Slippery slopes can be kind of fun." "Loose ends."
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