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  1. Finally, my full length film is a reality! Violence Gives Him Hope. Bandcamp and Amazon coming soon!!

    VGHH DVD.jpg

  2. I agree with alot of what has been said, With a mixture of real life things and stress, and other games, I havn't been on much. DayZ is just too easy right now. I loved it when there were so many zombies, and they were tanks. Made people band together to combat the infection. Food and ammo and guns are still pretty common. I know its a hard balance. But I saw 3 zombies in Cherno today., WTF. I know the zombies cause lag, but I loved it when it was "over run" on the coast. I want this game to be hard, almost to the point of frustration, But some RPers claim it's too hard, and die. It should be so hard, that your nice guy character, might actually rob some one for food, because they have to. There were plenty of bad guys on the server, I was legit scared of the Imperium. Kaz is still in hiding, after fleeing his 2 safe havens. I was working on starting something interesting, but the wipe a month ago really squashed it for me.
  3. 102.5 "The Ramble" Radio Chernarus will be making a return. Stay Tuned.


  4. Bootlegs of my full length film Violence Gives Him Hope are now available! 5 American Dollars. plus 5 more in shipping (to U.S.)  Price will go up in a few weeks when Official DVD's arrive! Thank you for your support in advance!


  5. I have bootleg copies of my full length film available for purchase. $5 plus shipping/handling. The Actual DVDs are taking much longer than expected, but are in the works.  If you wanna support the project please let me know!


  6. Here's a little something for your ear holes.


  7. True Norwegian Black Metal 


  8. I'm lookin for a girl who can do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Hit my inbox you scruffy lookin nerf herder.

    solo girls.jpg

  9. Thanks @Toker means alot! More to come very soon.
  10. I will def make these shorter, and easier to listen to.
  11. Just listen to it at your camp. RP like you're listening to the radio broadcast! I put time into this!
  12. I have been given permission to post this here, and considering the radios are garbage in game, feel free to take this info as in game knowledge as if you heard it over the radio. Resistance Radio Broadcast #1