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  1. Well everyone it's come to my mind after these recent week or so of no RP that i need to take a break and focus on whats going on in my life and focus on myself before returning to RP completely, im not sure when i'll be back but it won't be for a long while, to everyone that iv met and RP'd with i will miss you and i loved RolePlaying with everyone of you through the good and the bad times


    to the QuarantinedRP community i wish you all the very best and all the ❤️ going forward o7

  2. Want to wish a very happy birthday to @SofiaL

    may it be a great filled day ❤️

  3. Added relation with @SofiaL under The Used
  4. TBH imo i think the stamina should either be turned off or turned up or down until things get to where they need to be cause the way it is right now you can't get far if you're a fresh spawn without getting thirsty or hungry very quickly and when you have stuff on you that you're carrying you have less stamina very fast then when you were carrying nothing at all but i think a poll on this is a good idea to see where others stand
  5. Added relations with @[email protected] under Partners and @WinterAndrews under Hostile
  6. ayy can't wait to meet the new character
  7. added relation with @Hazard under Family
  8. Age: 30 Build: Athletic Hight 5'9" Weight: 190 Hair: Blackish-Brown Eyes: Bluish-Green Alignment:Chaotic Evil (W.I.P) Family|Partners|The Used|Hostile|Dead
  9. we're gonna get a long just fine
  10. it's good to see Frost returning and i can't wait to run into him
  11. Well after today's events im going to be taking a long break from QRP, i feel it is needed right now what what's going on in life and i need this break for myself as i feel im being burnt out and have no characters i really want to create at this point in time, i will be back though just not sure when ❤️ you all


    Decided im gonna play 1 more character before taking a much needed break

    1. Graipyy


      Nooooo im coming back!!!

    2. MisterCha0s


      Aww, devil that sucks. Hope you decide to come back, we will miss ya buddy.

  12. @JkpFrogrequesting page to be moved to deceased please
  13. Added relation with @Hazardunder Partners
  14. Added relation with @Arkay under The Used