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  1. I think its the right time for me to play again, will be on tomorrow.

  2. i need to be more active lol been mega busy with music and shit, and hitting 20k on instagram, will play soon, i think its dillons time to go.


  3. updated relations. added overall health, updated mental health
  4. ive been stuck with the in game sickness for 4 days, havent been able to rp and my character cant get over the sickness, how wonderful.

  5. Dammit who let Dillon find a fucking M249?!

  6.  "Opticillunitic (Marshall M.)" was banned for 5 seconds from the server by "KleptoTerren [Ace Adler]" (Furries)

  7. bruh i got dumped for smoking weed, gn.

    1. Graipyy


      its the kush or the bush. *rolls blunt*
      someone tried that with me. hope u didnt like her to much.

    2. MuffMart


      Makes sense, weed makes you die.

  8. that case screams "i actually dont protect your phone lmao"
  9. hehe there goes Dillon's mental health
  10. Updated mental health, and 1 relation.