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  1. Grey


    For sex I am not coming.
  2. Got groped by two skank lases in Cannock. Where were you bro?

  3. Wo wir sind da geht's immer vorwärts,

    Und der Teufel der lacht nur dazu!

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!



  4. Happy Birthday bud

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      Thank you grey o7

  5. Grey

    Kain Marshall

    Kain William Marshall was born on the 12th June 1987 in Dudley, England. Aspiring from an early age to become a Police Officer; only a few days after turning 19 he did just that. Keeping law enforcement in his family, it was finally his turn to be one of the generations future Police Officers. Starting as a Police Constable in the West Midlands Police; he made a transfer half way through his career to the Metropolitan Police, aka The Met (London's Police force). This is where he gained most of his qualifications/certifications and training. From Beat-Cop to Armed Response Officer and Police Constable to Sergeant, he spent his mid-twenties carrying out raids, monitoring and later tracking down some of the UK's most wanted criminals and radical extremists. Excelling in Counter-terrorism; Marshall was asked if he would like to undergo a 3 month training course in the US, focusing on advancing his skills. Training alongside LA's SWAT department, this is where he met the team of officers; more specifically his brothers, that he would later deploy to Chernarus with to help train their Armed police. @Aidanj5277 L-01 | Lt. Sullivan - One of my best mates and my CO. An ace driver might I add. @Pirate A-44 | Officer Ridgeway - Another Brit. Great laugh and a cracking marksman. @Zhenson A-72 | Officer Brooks - Quiet one but he's a good lad.
  6. Get nails shot at me through a sling-shot Headbutt a knife or punch a landmine
  7. Police Constable Nicholas Angel

  8. Nikita Zima https://quarantined.co.uk/forums/topic/763-nikita-zima/ 10-ish days Character was made to RP along-side a second character (Which is no longer active). No
  9. Yup, this is needed. Current in-game radio's are knackered.
  10. No income tax, no VAT



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      No Money backs, no guarantee