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  1. EDIT: sorry about the background noise! Thinkin about adding it to Ludovis's mental state. Kinda a long clip of some of his time with Imperium.

  2. Eyyy! Good stuff Von! o7 All that history n relations... got’dayum!
  3. 👋


    gonna be gone for a hot nine months. Y’all stay cool and safe. I’ll be checking in every once n a while. See ya when I get back. <333


    with all my love,


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    2. SofiaL



      Will miss you 

      Stay safe,  my boi

    3. Jman14102


      Stay safe out there, man. See you around hopefully!

    4. JkpFrog


      Missing youuuu~oooouuuu~oouuu!
      Hope you've been alright over the last ten days, man. Feels like it's already been a month. Been missing getting to hang out and hearing you chat. Hope things are chill and safe over wherever you're at right now! Keep your chin up. ❤

  4. Nicely done! Personal letter to his brother is an excellent touch. Hype!
  5. You may play another character. If someone contests this bench request in the next 48 hours you will have to continue playing Jackson Clyde.

    Stroll in the park...


    1. ShavedDuck


      Forest Conversation.

  7. Can we get a round of applause for Greg and Ed. These two motherfuckers basically made a server event which will not be forgotten both in game and ooc for a long time

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    2. Dvlinhb


      @Pein and @Vrtra did a great job, and I have to give them a real hand there. Good RP is good RP.
      Plain n' simple.



      If you dare touch our precious little cinnamon roll again, there will be consequences.



      D O   N O T   T E S T   U S   A G A I N.



    3. Pein


      I promise. No more Toad poking.

    4. JkpFrog


      Awwww, dangit.

  8. Cheers my man! Thanks for being a part of mine. <33333333 big much love! RIP David
  9. Vrtra


    Only the original group owner can request a group to be deleted. Are you now the group owner? If so we will still need a post of transfer between you and APetRussian.
  10. Well.. Well...



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    2. Graipyy


      hey i just rewatched this. how u do that copy n paste emote thing?

    3. brringbumf


      you're sniffling is god awful but other then that well done.

    4. Vrtra


      that burning feeling that never seems to go away. @brringbumf


      https://www.memonotepad.com/ @Graipyy
      Check out that website. Lets ya draft emotes and you just copy it from the website and crtl v in the game.



  11. Tell me where is Caoimhe...






  12. YOU BETTER LIVE LONG AND HARD YOU DUMB FUCK! "...What do you want Trey?" Heh... good character! <3