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  1. Four Words: Life. Is. A. Bitch. I just don't have the energy or time to do so atm.
  2. Your Character Name: Wolfgang Hunt Link to character profile: How long have you played the character: ~1 month Reason for benching: Story lines are dead-end, and I'm bored with the character. Looking to do a new character to add some different spice to RP. Are you currently involved in any hostilities or being hunted: Nein.
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    "So... What'll it be ladies and gentlemen? May I suggest our chef's 'specialty' dish?"

  7. -Heavy WIP- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT| Interviewee: Hunt, Wolfgang Interviewer: O'Neil, Kathleen Hunt Case Interview #4 Transcript Document January 21st, 2018 0225 Hours Los Angeles, California -Start of recording.- O'Neil: "This is Detective Kathleen O'Neil, of the Los Angeles Police Department, interview-" Hunt: “Food is fascinating you know." ON: "I'm- I'm sorry?" H: *Leans onto the interview table.* H: "You see... we, as a species, have managed to take one of our basic necessities and create an art form around it. While it began with a simple stick over a fire as we huddled in caves for warmth, it has evolved into a prestigious field of work, study, and research. Food is now more important than it has ever been. At least, that’s how I see things. I’ve been in the industry for a little over two decades. I studied originally in Las Vegas, Nevada, then later in Paris, France to hone my talent. I have restaurants on 4 continents and was a well renown connoisseur and chef among my peers. I've traveled the globe, finding new recipes, new flavors, and new techniques. Food is something that can always improve, and I was put here to make my mark in the chapters of its legacy. I remember distinctly actually, this one trip I took to the half-island of Papua New Guinea. I stayed there for around two weeks, learning what I could from the locals. I met what could be considered “city folk” in the city of Lae. After several drunken nights of gorging on splendid wild fruit and beans, they directed me more inland towards the tribal people. And may I say, it was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever ha-” ON: “Is that where you learned how-” H: *Loudly and firmly* “I am NOT finished speaking, my dear.” -Silence for approx. 15 seconds.- H: “Furthermore, it was so very memorable that I actually learned a very basic recipe from them on how to do up meats. I’ve of course added my own touch to it-- it’s just what a good chef does. Get a spit fire going at a low flame for around 20 minutes. In this time you’ll take your meat- best to use red mind you- and season her. I tend to use an even coating of salt, pepper, fine ground rosemary, lemon zest, and a hint of brown sugar to caramelize the skin. Now as you get ready to put her on the-” ON: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I can’t- I can’t do this. I swear I’m gonna fucking hurl-” -The microphone and recorder clatter to the floor as detective O'Neil walks out of the interview room in a hurry. The door slams shut soon after.- H: “Huh. Didn’t think my story was THAT bad.” H: *Laughs to himself.* -Detective Freeman walks into the room approx. 1 minute later.- Freeman: “Alright Wolfgang, I’ve had enough of your shit.” F: *Drags a chair from the desk and blocks the interview door with it.* -There is banging on the door and the one-way glass. Expletives from Chief Black have been stricken from the recording and the document as per his request.- H: “Oh I see! It seems the whole good-cop act is over now, isn’t it? Well tell O'Neill I thought she could work on her listening sk-” F: *Draws his sidearm and proceeds to “pistol whip” Hunt across the face.* F: *Yelling* “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF IT. WHERE ARE YOUR CONSPIRATORS?! I KNOW THIS SHIT IS DEEPER THAN YOUR SICK, TWISTED, FREAKY, FUCKING GOD DAMN GAMES! YOU GOT THOSE PEOPLE FROM SOMEWHERE, NOW YOU JUST GOTTA TELL ME WHO!” H: *Spits out some blood onto the table.* H: “Gonna take… More than that… *Coughing* To let me ruin a good man’s… Business…” F: *Cocks his pistol, putting it in Hunt’s mouth at this time.* -The banging on the door and windows is much louder as a crowd has gathered.- F: “YOU BETTER TELL ME WHERE AND FROM WHO YOU GOT THOSE PEOPLE OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL MAKE YOUR SKULL INTO A FUCKING BRAIN MATTER STEW YOU CANNIBALISTIC PIECE OF FUCKING WORTHLESS MOTHERFUCKING GODDAMN TRA-” -At this time Chief Black along with SWAT officers manage to break into the room with a battering ram.* Black: *Gun raised at Detective Freeman* “DROP YOUR WEAPON NOW VICTOR! THAT IS AN ORDER!” F: *Lets out a deep sigh, but tosses his pistol onto the desk in the interview room.* B: *Proceeds to take Detective Freeman's firearm as SWAT detains him.* B: “This isn’t how we do things Vic. Believe me, I wanna pop that smug man-eating -expunged- right now for what he’s done. But we’re above that… We can only hope that the -expunged- we lock him up with can deal with him ways we can’t.” B: *Yells down the hall for an officer to detain the suspect and put him back in custody.* H: *In a mocking tone* “Bye-bye Victor, my dear friend. Until we speak again. Ta-ta.” H: *Smiles widely at Detective Freeman.* -The recording device is accidentally stepped on by a SWAT officer at this time, ending the recording.- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |DESCRIPTION| Name: Wolfgang Hunt Nationality: American (USA) Race: Caucasian (White) Height: 5'11" (~178 cm) Weight: 173 lbs (~78.5 kg) Age: 58 years (B: 10/31/60) Eyes: Hazel Hair: Grey/White Build: Slim Shoes: 11 US, 44.5 EU, 29 ASIA Charges: Murder In The First Degree - 19 Counts (Developing Investigation) Kidnapping In The First Degree - 23 Counts (Developing Investigation) Human Trafficking - 7 Counts (Developing Investigation) Possession Of Illicit Narcotics - 8 Counts (Developing Investigation) Possession Of An Unregistered Firearm - 4 Counts (Developing Investigation) Modus Operandi: Sedates victims using tranquilizer Hangs victim upside down from ankles Slits throat and bleeds victims of blood Guts the abdomen of internal organs Separates limbs and head from torso Flays meat from bones Consumes some portions of the body (no pattern recorded) Sells organs and surplus flesh on the black market Burns hair, bones, fat, skin, and excess organs in crematory ovens Discards of ashes in ocean or other large bodies of water -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |ESCAPE REPORT| -WIP- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |PHOTOS| -WIP- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |KNOWN RELATIONS| "The Brotherhood" Levi - "Soldier boy it would seem. Likes his guns; had two when I saw him last. Wouldn't allow me to follow. Gave me a very gaudy pistol as a form of "good faith" after I gave what I assume is his partner the ragged rifle. Could be useful in the long run-- he'd be too tough to be any good anyways. Pity." Keiva - "My, what a Valkyrie among barbarians she is. A sweet young lady, late teens, and seems to hail from the Emerald Isle. Fascinated with cooking, and seems to have taken an interest in my set of skills-- something I admire greatly. How I would love a pupil with such promise and spirit: a successor to carry forth my legacy of greatness. She is surrounded by brutes from the looks of things, but I have worked with much worse people in my days. Perhaps, some time down the line, I can teach her the forbidden flavors that have been locked away by those who would never understand. Perhaps, I may even have her-- in my last days-- make me the best dish she ever cooks... Her very own Magnum Opus. It would be an honor and a privilege." Robbie - "A fine young boy, full of potential. He suffers from the language of his generation, but is respectful in all other manners towards myself. Towards who I believe are his superiors however, he stands to learn some etiquette. Although, he is not to blame for this, as he is so young growing in such an unforgiving environment. The lack of proper gentlemanly male-figures does not help anything either. Otherwise, I like the boy. Besides... I don't like veal." Adam - "Protective, is the kindest word I can for this man. He wears iron, dawns a mask, and carries a big stick-- speaking loudly all about. However, despite all this I do have respect towards the man. He wishes only the well-being of him and his people, being right in not trusting me off the tee nor with tea. I will have to win him over; bonding with goods and my goodwill between us. I just hope he gives me no reason to change my mind or menu regarding him." Caleb: "Bless his tortured heart. This poor man has been bestowed with a curse from which he may never break. I suspect he was injured in some capacity, based off the bandage around his head and eye. Blurting out crude comments and not being able to form proper sentences shows me that he is far too gone to ever return to a decent state-- not in this world at least. He has been sudo-adopted by this "Brotherhood", and they seem to tolerate him. However, he may not be missed if he were to never return once leaving. It would be tricky and risky, but not completely out of reach. Keep note of this one." United Nations Dominic - "Another soldier boy it'd seem. Toted a rifle, but was eager to take the ragged one I'd been waiting to pawn off; planting my seeds in the garden of trust. He seems intelligent, but much warmer than his broody comrade, who gave me that grotesque-- but oddly satisfying-- pistol. Besides, I don't have the luxury of seeing him ever tender I'm afraid. What a shame." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    "Hey! Yeah that's me up there. You're probably wondering how someone could spend this much time on something so fucked up both mechanically and ethically? Well, let's roll back a few years and I'll tell ya..."

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