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  1. The honorable man returns. 

  2. Yall ever just REEE at some hostile RP that doesn't go your way?


    1. Pein


      Yes and then I have baby rage then i go away for an hour come back and im fine. Normally saying some shit like...


      "Was my own fault just displayed and should of done better." 

    2. dannis


      bro its just simple dont be a rager lul omfg

  3. Will do my best. Abu might check back in, unsure if Dawson is banned and I don't know if Law even wants to appeal at this point, but i'll see what I can do. These campfire boys gonna learn today.
  4. Jasper

    Akara Bakala

    Akara Bakala was born in Sierra Leone in 1975 along with his twin brother Akachi. The pair were almost immediately sold into servitude as children and were separated at the age of Ten. Akara remained in Sierra Leone where his current owner was but his brother Akachi was sold off to someone in Nigeria. The two brothers would not reunite for some time - but both led pretty similar lives. Akachi would go on to become a fearsome pirate in Nigeria, becoming a force to be reckoned with along with his co-captain Mongo Okeke. Akara on the other hand became feared and wealthy for different reasons. In the 90’s Akara became heavily involved in the Sierra Leone civil war. He profited heavily off of the Blood Diamond trade ring there, and was a leading member of the RUF. He ran and operated several mines there. It was far from saintly work. He frequently had to order his men to raid villages and pillage them for men and children to work their mines, and women to entertain the RUF men at the camp. For lack of better words he was a monster. He profited off of immeasurable suffering of the innocent. He hoarded his blood diamonds for many years, only rarely selling them off to resupply his men and keep his higher ups happy with his perceived profit. Little did they know he was running three of the most lucrative mines in the country. By 1999 he had amassed a fairly decent fortune of Diamonds, and began finding buyers for them. Once he sold a handsome enough amount, he fled the country and planned on living in prosperity in either the United States or the United Kingdom. He learned and studied English for several months for the planned immigration. Unfortunately, words of his war crimes in the Sierra Leone civil war had spread and he was now a wanted man along with most of his contemporaries. Now wanted dead by the RUF for abandoning the cause and stealing diamonds from them, and wanted by the UN and most countries for War Crimes in Sierra Leone, he had nowhere left to run except one place. He went to Nigeria and joined up with his brother Akachi’s crew. He remained there for many years, becoming first mate and head interrogator for the crew. Whenever they needed someone to open a safe or anything like that - Akara got them to talk one way or another. He took on the mantle of “Ekwensu” the name of the Igbo religions equivalent to Satan. It was partially for intimidation and partially as recognition. Akara was and still is a real piece of shit when his past work and present duties and efficiency at both were taken into account. Akara also dealt like the Devil - he was the crews main source of funding as well. He still had a large cache of Blood Diamonds he had yet to sell before fleeing Sierra Leone. As a result he had a massive amount of universally accepted currency to use with arms dealers for the crew. Due to this, the crew of the SS Akachi was always a cut above what most Coast Guard and security on vessels would expect. They used this to their advantage and were usually able to take other vessels with ease. In the 2010’s the SS Akachi crew grew bolder and bolder. They moved farther and farther from Africa on voyages on their crown jewel vessel named “Osimiri Osimiri” a very fast ship that held many crew members. It was perfect for large scale jobs like the one they were attempting to pull off soon. They were to intercept a large cargo ship off the coast of Turkey. It was far enough away from the coast that they would be able to take it and be gone long before they knew what was happening if they did it quickly and quietly. The cargo on the ship was a front by a company claiming it to be food and other such amenities being shipped but it was actually a front for a wide array of weapons being shipped out. Long story short the job didn’t go as planned and the large crew of the Akachi were forced to take Skiffs and flee through the Black Sea. They wound up in Chernarus with minimal survivors. With what little they had the men found themselves in a strange land infected by some disease that turned men into monsters.
  5. It's not an issue with Dayz keeping people away though. That's very apparent from other new RP communities (with members from here playing there btw) having better populations that QRP daily. TribezRP comes to mind along with a few others there. And DayzRP now gets 100/100 pretty regularly as well. Not saying you specifically, but anyone in staff really, with the attitude of "Eh it'll fix itself" is wrong my guy. Shit needs to change or just save everyone the time and shut the place down because population won't fix itself. People are having problems QRP related not Dayz related for the most part.
  6. If you wanna talk come to my TS. I'll hit you with the server if you want. I don't have the QRP Discord or Ts anymore.
  7. Just got a new PC but I mean in all realness I don't plan on getting back in game right now. Inactive players, according to others the still bland RP, and lack of events and stuff? It's just not enticing at all right now, and I get that "someone has to take the first step" and all that, but that's not gonna be me. I tried helping a while back and was promptly ignored and now people are echoing exactly what I suggested months ago. I'm kinda over it for now.
  8. When it comes down to it the stale RP is from an utter lack of creative minds and new players coming in or old players returning with fresh ideas. Spoiler alert - having the same 10 active members doing the same shit over and over again leads to stale RP. What a fucking shocker.
  9. Personally I haven’t played for a few reasons in the past few months. More recently i haven’t had a PC but befoee that there was just no sense of direction. No sense of conflict besides small side stories people were private about. No server wide bad guys or threats to go after. No lore events that I saw, no lore groups, no events that seemed terribly interesting, honestly I quit getting on when the RP got stale to the point where most people were just Campfire RP’ing with one another and just being friends around a fire. That shit was incredibly boring. I mean it was entertainjng enough when there was conflict or at least entertaining funny wild card characters but most of those people were either banned for putting two letters at the end of their name or were unbanned after but were scornful of the community because, let’s be honest, the way they were treated was fucking disgusting. To toss someone out without warning over something so minor like they never contributed and meant nothing to the community nor it’s staff nor it’s owner burned the bridge with them. Its no shocking revelation that the banning of all those people and the fallout afterwards directly coorelated with the gradual decline and now dead state of the in game stuff. Sure you the forums are still semi active but as you said, the daily averages speak for themselves. Honestly im not sure why I’m writing this. The bridges are burned with those guys, banned or not, and interest is at an all time low. Many many many times people have tried to right those wrongs but certain people are unwilling to accept advice from community members or community outcry for certain things, and sadly this is the result. Honestly? I don’t know how to fix this anymore. Maybe a few months ago but all this time later people suddenly care? Nah. Too little too late for most I’m afraid.
  10. There was a furry who was in a hurry to get a blue name on the forums he got the rank but smelled really fucking rank because of his fursona he never bathed and only slayed - Wolf pussy That’s all I got hit me up I’m broke.
  11. Have you still got a crush? Cut your greasy ponytail off maybe it’ll relieve your tension and internet ego.
  12. Take this down before the site is shut off for housing child porn.