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  10. Place Of birth Chicago, Illinois Date if birth: 06/26/1995 Age: 24 Height: 5'11 Weight: 160Lbs Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Personality: Obnoxious, Loud, Excitable, Follower Likes: Friends, Messing with people, Talking, Dislikes: Jumpsuits, Screeching, loud noises, Jumpsuits Caleb was a naturally well-behaved child. While growing up he would talk normally, as compared to the present, and lead a busy social life. At times, his parents and teachers thought that maybe Caleb was a little bit too talkative and energetic. Caleb’s parents were most often angry with him because he’d play too loudly or too roughly, or getting really excited for something small. After getting him evaluated, they started to put him on certain medications that would affect him tremendously. While taking them, Caleb would sit in his room just stare at the wall and do nothing for hours. If disturbed, he would become very angry and irritable. Unsatisfied with this new quiet version of their son, the Summerfield's had gone and put him on an additional medication, which would accentuate everything he would feel. So many pills. Caleb learned to hate medicine, and would try his best to avoid taking it. With no idea on how to actually parent and being ill-equipped to handle a person like him, Caleb’s parents only grew more and more frustrated with their son. When he refused to take his pills they would react physically. When he didn’t behave to their satisfaction, they would hurt him again, trying to beat him into being the person they wanted-- a normal boy. Eventually Caleb would start to withdraw from most social encounters, and would lash out at other kids, whether it was because they distracted his focus, or if he just found them irritating. He was easily bored, but found entertainment in conflict between his classmates. Many times he had taken their belongings and planted them somewhere else to pin it on someone else, and then just sit back and watch the fight. Other times he’d spread rumors just to watch their reactions. At one point he fabricated evidence about a teacher saying and doing certain things in order to get her fired. After a while it became a habit to start some sort of conflict. He’d often get into fights, and he loved every second of it. One day on his way home from school, a group of masked figures attacked him and put a bag over his head and start beating him. After beating him, they threw him in the back of a van, and started driving. Caleb ended up passing out from the beating and woke up in an unfamiliar place. They interrogated him for his name, date of birth, and other personal details before throwing him into a room for an entire two days, without food or human contact the entire time. This would happen many times after, once every month. After the two days passed they made a collection of people to do jobs like lifting things, building, and other strenuous activities. They were fed a high sugar diet, that would cause them to be extremely tired at the end of the day, with just enough energy to do activities but crash afterwards, which discouraged rebellion. The factory in which they lived had many sectors, such as the workshop areas, Garden, courtyard, lunch room, bathroom, barracks etc. Many people would try to trade rations because they were on short supply, and it became like a currency. They would go under psychological treatment to “help” with their current situation, but many going through this treatment developed feelings of loyalty to the people who had kidnapped them. The people who would often communicate with the “visitors” would often be very charismatic, and convince them to do certain things. After a while Caleb got close to these people, and would refer to them as friends. One day a leader of the organization came to Caleb with a very specific task. He was brought to a secluded room and told, “this man is a traitor of our people. You need to take him out. Slowly. If you refuse, you’re a traitor.” Because Caleb thought of these people as his friends, he obliged and started stabbing the man with a knife he was given, slowly ending his life and making him suffer in the process. Caleb was congratulated on completing the task by his leader, and an unfamiliar voice in his head. This voice in his head was good at talking, but mostly only spoke when he was alone. Together Caleb and the Voice planned things out. It sometimes told Caleb to do things, like stealing rations, and manipulating people, and most of the time Caleb would. After four years of this torture a police raid happened onto the facility, Caleb woke up to flashlights in his eyes and being yelled at to put his hands up. Wanting to defend his friends, he rushed the flashlight to only be hit in the back of the head by a rifle. When Caleb woke up, he was in a hospital restrained to a bed. There were policemen outside guarding the door, and a doctor in the room running tests on him. When she noticed that he was awake she questioned him about his mental behavior, but the results didn’t come back exactly positive. Found to be a danger to society, he was admitted to a hospital for the criminally insane. While he was there, he’d go under similar treatments he did prior. He would work in a garden, help in the kitchens, assisted in general maintenance of the asylum, and would sometimes be able to walk outside and fish. It was familiar. It was fine. But day after day, this girl would scream at night at the top of her lungs. Caleb would cover his ear tell her to stop, but she ignored him and everyone else she disturbed. One night, Caleb had had enough of her disruptive screaming, irritating him and distracting him day in and day out. The voice helped him make a plan. Caleb managed to sneak out of his cell and break into hers where he strangled her to death. Caleb’s crime didn’t go unpunished. He was caught and thrown into a confined room for a while for containment for an entire month. Every day he was fed by a slot in the door. The only person who Caleb could talk to was Doctor O'Connor, who would come into the room often and talk to him, and made sure he ate all his food. After he was released from containment, Doctor O'Connor would frequently visit him, and would help Caleb talk about his feelings, and express how he felt. Doctor O'Connor would try to explain to him that he needs to take in account of other people's feelings and not just Caleb’s own desires. Caleb didn’t really understand what other people felt or wanted, just what he wanted. Doctor O’Connor didn’t have enough time to teach Caleb all he needed to know due to a massive panic. One night Doctor O'Connor ended up running to Caleb’s room and told him to get moving. Caleb followed Doctor O’Connor and was rushed onto a plane, that took him to an unknown location. The good doctor explained that there was some sort of infection and they were trying to get out of the country before it got any worse. As they were flying their plane as shot down and crashed into an ocean nearby. Doctor O’Connor grabbed Caleb and started to swim to the shore, and ended up in a place called Berezino. Gun shot wound in the head(Healing) Sociopathy- Deceitfulness, Hostility, Risk taking behavior, Aggression, Lack of restraint, boredom, general discontent Schizophrenia- Excitability, disorganized behavior, compulsive behavior, repetitive moments, amnesia, Belief that thoughts aren't one's own, Mental confusion ADHD - Hyperactivity, persistent repetition of words, difficulty focusing, forgetfulness No name- Charismatic, Manipulative voice in his head that occasionally takes control in bad situations to keep them alive. Friends/Used | Pawns | Disliked | Targets | Missing | Dead Caillou- Good friend, teaches me a lot of good skills and words Artyom- Good friend, Reminds me of Doctor O' Connor, and gives good advice River- Has very good thoughts about mecha hitler, and other stories. Like listening to her talk Jack- Good friend, followed him for a while, saved my life. Leon- Friend, taught me some stuff, Will Follow Khloe- Friend of friend , Tried teaching me stuff too, Will follow more. Sunny- Said very mean stuff and didn't apologize. Must get apology. Levi- Very mean, Tried being friend and helping him out but ended up holding me up. Need apology imperium- Tortured me for information, would kill me if they knew me. Very mean, very mean
  11. I think he deserves a proper death, I roleplayed with him as jacob for a while and would love to see players get Roleplay out of the character
  12. At least Roleplay it out, kinda shit if you just kill him off man.
  13. Happy birthday ❤️