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  • Behavior and Respect

    • We attempt to uphold an anti-drama policy if you're going to meme we recommend keeping it off the forums. You can read more about our policies in the Community Values this will give you an insight into the server.
    • Content shared through all QuarantinedRP services should be safe for work.
    • Promoting or glorifying players that have been removed from the community is unwanted, they're banned for a reason. These players are more than welcome to send in a Ban Appeal.
    • Profile music that is extremely loud or distorted will be removed, this is to stop users from abusing this feature that is in the site in order to endorse "Jump scares"
    • Racist behavior is not welcome within QuarantinedRP, depending on the context of your conversation this will result in warning points. Regarding context, we don't want to heavily censor individuals but we don't want a community full of anti-semitic comments either, if you are referring to someone you like as "Nigga" please note that we advise against it, context does not make you immune to punishment.
    • Staff respect, the staff members within the community are of a voluntary role, staff members will give you the same level of respect that you give them. If a staff member feels you're being aggressive and abusive they can and will leave at any time.
    • Bullying within the QuarantinedRP services is not endorsed and never will be, we do however recommend that players that feel abused by individuals bring this attention to a Community Manager and then block the individuals.
    • Harassment outside of the QuarantinedRP services will not be dealt with by staff members, this is out of our control and we have no form of authority/control in online services. We recommend blocking.

    Fair Gameplay

    • Meta-gaming is the act of utilizing information from out of character sources, this is strictly prohibited.
    • Power-gaming is the act of forcing an action upon a player that is outside of the mechanics of the game without some form of permission this should be permitted within a game in the form of OOC chat (//)
    • Stream sniping is a form of meta-gaming that players use in order to get the location of a player using online video streaming services.
    • In order to watch a stream while in-game you must ask explicit permission from the streamer within their Twitch Chat, this then requires the streamer to either accept or decline.
    • If you are denied permission please leave the stream.
    • If you are granted permission then you are more than welcome to stay but note that information from the stream is still considered meta-gaming, don't use this information in-game to gain an advantage over other players.
    • Third party voice communication is prohibited within the server.
    • Speaking other languages that people don't understand is allowed within the server in short bursts, this is not to be used as a long-winded conversation.


    • Use common sense within roleplay, make sure everything you do is within the realm of reason for the character you are playing and interacting with.
    • Always be in-character while in-game.
    • Characters are required to be realistic and compatible with the current Server Lore.
    • Characters must be realistic (no celebrities/fictional animated characters), carbon copy characters are not allowed within the server, this means once a character has died within a group we urge you to make a new character and not rejoin the same group again. Once a character has been killed you're not allowed to enter the area for 2 hours.
    • Booby traps such as Landmines, Flash-bangs, Grenades, and Poisoned food are not allowed to be used to protect your camps or be placed within the server but Bear Traps can now be used in order to protect your home.
    • Unrealistic roadblocks such as sticks, backpacks etc are not allowed to be used but items such as Tires and Barrels are allowed. Enclosed camps must have at least one accessible entrance.
    • Gillie suits are not allowed within the server unless you have been given permission by an Admin Camp dumping is not allowed, you're more than welcome to steal items and containers from the camp as long as you move the items into another container.
    • Voice changers require Admin permission to see if they're realistic and compatible with the in-game VoIP.
    • All injuries are to be roleplayed out within character, this is to give medical characters a purpose.
    • Identifying a cannibal within a game can be done if the knowledge is learned in-game, character backstories cannot be used to identify a cannibal.
    • Offensive roleplay that violates Twitch Terms of Service is not allowed within the server.
    • Exploits, hacks and glitches are banned from the server.
    • The in-game chat is to be used for //OOC communications and emoting only. I.E. (*Break weapon down shotgun style to reveal the bolt carrier.*)
    • Kuru/Cannibal shaking and laughs cannot be recognised within the game.

    Hostile Engagements

    • You must value your characters For example: If you are outnumbered and outgunned it would be considered NVFL (no value for life) to try and initiate hostile actions upon them. life, don’t enter gunfights that your character shouldn’t be entering.
    • Think realistically in terms of your characters abilities.
    • Non-compliance in a hostage situation is considered NVFL (given demands are reasonable). However! Live by your characters principles! Example: If someone told you to lick their boot and you know that's something your character wouldn't do, then you wouldn't do it, therefore, you couldn't say its NVFL.
    • Killing another player must always be justified with correct roleplay, don't kill people for light situations.
    • Initiating hostile roleplay with someone should always have a valid character reason behind it Initiation should always be made within VOIP range and demands must be made clear.
    • Hostages must be kept safe while in your care, this includes food, water, infected, weather elements and once you're finished with the hostage roleplay they must be left with enough equipment in order to survive.
    • Demands should be reasonable, there is no reason to ask impossible actions of a person. Characters who have been taken hostage will often have morals, if they deny doing a humiliating act then don't use this as a reason to end their story.
    • Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters live is threatened these rights last for an hour after a hostile interaction. You must confirm your targets indefinitely by identifying any familiar clothing or through their in-game voice.
    • Crashing during a hostile situation and gaining an advantage (Crash & Escape) negates any Kill rights that you have on a group/player.
    • Aiming a weapon at a player is considered an initiation, however, this does not mean you can initiate outside of VOIP range to engage hostilities.
    • You may not log off (Combat log)) within 30 minutes of any hostile interaction, you are required to make sure the hostile party is no longer in the area in order to log out after the 30-minute timer. This includes Quarantined Zones!
    • Groups are allowed to use Scouts/Snipers but they must meet the following requirements

      • You may only have 2 snipers per group maximum.
      • You must have radio communication with the other players in your group. (Yes the ones that are also actively involved in the situation and roleplay.) If communication is lost, then the sniper is not cleared to take the shot as he would have a harder time distinguishing what is happening.
      • The Sniper is required to use a long-range rifle. Examples: SVD, Winchester.
      • The Sniper is NOT allowed to use any other weapon modified to shoot at a longer range.
    • Initiating on a Vehicle is to be done within VOIP range. Make sure that you are heard and seen by those inside the vehicle and give the driver ample time to bring the car to a full stop.

    Quarantine Zones

    • A Quarantine Zone is a Roleplay encouraged zone, Kill-on-Sight is allowed, these are areas that are known to be highly dangerous in character as they're known to be owned by hostile factions within the QuarantinedRP Lore.
    • Players are required to wear a Gas Mask within the Quarantine Zones, failure to do so is considered BadRP.
    • Being killed within a Quarantine Zone does not count as a permanent death, the character can come back with IEMKZ injuries of their wounds. (This includes PvE and PvP deaths).

    Radio Rules

    • All radio channels are consider IC at all times, going OOC is not allowed.
    • You must talk in-game at all times while using the radio channels, regardless of anything going on around your character.
    • If you don’t have your radio in your hands during a HOSTAGE situation you cannot use it, your radio cannot be turned on while your hands are up.
    • You must use Push-to-Talk while using the radio channels, voice activity is not allowed within the channels.
    • You must have a radio with a battery in order to use the teamspeak channels. (random spot checks will be done by staff)

    Retirement Rules

    • Character must have a valid WRITTEN and In-game ending to their story. This is not optional and shall be posted within the following forums: [link] and use the following template: [link]
    • If the character is accepted to Retire by members of staff your character will be gone forever, you cannot replay this character, they will not return so make sure you choose this wisely.
    • After doing the according retirement we require you to play the character for an extra hour in order for them to “leave the province” in which the character will then move into the debug zone and suicide for a new spawn at this point. - This is not optional and failure to kill the character to gain a new model etc. is considered breaking these rules.

    Bench Requests

    • You must create a bench request on the forums in order to have your bench request completed, you can switch to your new character but your post will be left open for 48 hours in order to make sure no one opposes the bench.
    • You may only have one character on the bench, meaning you can have two characters in total. The one benched and the one being currently played.
    • To oppose a bench request you must post below the forum thread or talk to an Admin on Teamspeak in order for us to review evidence, this should contain a viable reason as to why the other person can't bench.
    • Character benching has a two week cool down period, meaning you can only bench the same character every 2 weeks. This is to stop constant switching.

    Permanent Deaths

    • This is a Perma-death server, Once a character has died within RP & gunfights he/she is dead. You must come to an admin in order to be "Unperma-death", you and your killers cannot make the choice for you.
    • Player vs AI is NOT permanent deaths, with the current bugs within DayZ we cannot warrant this.
    • Dying in order to get a more favourable spawn is prohibited within the server unless given permission by an admin.
    • Player vs ENVIRONMENT (Sickness, Starvation and Dehydration etc.) are permanent deaths.

    No Value for Life

    • You must value your characters For example: If you are outnumbered and outgunned it would be considered NVFL (no value for life) to try and initiate hostile actions upon them. life, don’t enter gunfights that your character shouldn’t be entering.
    • Think realistically in terms of your characters abilities.
    • Non-compliance in a hostage situation is considered NVFL (given demands are reasonable). However! Live by your characters principles! Example: If someone told you to lick their boot and you know that's something your character wouldn't do, then you wouldn't do it, therefore, you couldn't say its NVFL.

    Base Building:

    • Bases of a large, substantial size must have the necessary numbers to maintain it. (I.E: Lumber Mill Bases = 4 Members) It would not be realistic to have 1 person run an entire compound.
    • Each group is limited to 1 base. This is to prevent random areas being walled off and restricted by randoms or just because and to protect server latency.
    • All bases, including those on or around pre-made structures (I.E: Lumber Mill walls, concrete walls with holes) must have at least 1 accessible entrance.
    • Exploiting base glitches (walking through walls, slipping through gaps you wouldn't normally slip through) is a bannable offence.
    • Removing walls without a valid reason will be seen as griefing.
    • Building in close proximity or on top of the owner(s) base/compound will be seen as griefing and also gives the owner(s) kill rights as this can be seen as a hostile action.
    • If the owner(s) of the base catch you attempting to tear down walls/gates/tents, they immediately gain Kill Rights, but you do not.
    • Bases cannot be built within Quarantine Zones (Tisy, Kamensk, Pavlovo). You also cannot attempt to wall off the entire area around it.
    • Despawning items from a container in order to take the container from the base is seen as griefing.
    • Bases can use Bear traps in order to "protect" their camp from intruders. - Max of 3 bear traps are allowed to be used within a camp.


    • Child Character Rules:

      • Characters under the age of 11 must have a pre-existing guardian.
      • Child characters 17 and below require a YELLOW armband in order for players to identify them as a child. Anyone found wearing a yellow armband below these ages will be punished as this is classed as Power Gaming.
      • There is still no way to work around the gun restrictions. (Example: Saying you learned in the game from another character.) 
      • If your character is under 18 you must wait 3 months before having a birthday.
    • Gun Restrictions:

      • Any break in these restrictions will be met with warning points.
      • Younger-10:
        Melee, Trumpet, Makarov (now called IJ-70) and Sporter (aka Ruger), Amphibia
      • Ages 11-14:
        + 9mm Handgun (Glock, CR75, P1 Pistol) and .380 SMG (Skorpion)
      • Ages 15-17:
        MP-133 Shotgun, + IZH18 Shotgun (and Sawed Off), FNX45, Mac10, Glock 18, Winchester, Scout Rifle, MiniUzi, Blaze 95, Colt 1911, M14, LeeEnfield, MP133 Shotgun, Mosin (not including a sawed-off Mosin), SG5-K (aka MP5)M14, LeeEnfield, MP133 Shotgun, Mosin (not including a sawed-off Mosin), SG5-K (aka MP5)
      • Ages 18-Older:
        Anything as long as it makes sense within the character’s backstory.
      • Military grade, full auto weaponry, anything not listed in the restrictions above.